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African Blackwood Conservation Project

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Siglas de la categoría Telecomunicaciones [T]

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T significa Tip.

T significa Telecom.

T-IC significa T-interconnect.

TAAC significa Telecommunications Access Advisory Committee.

TAC significa Terminal Access Circuit.

TACS significa Total Access Communications System.

TACS significa Telephone Access Customer Satisfaction.

TAD significa Telephone Answering Device.

TAE significa Terminal Adapter Equipment.

TALK significa Telephone Aid Line Kingston.

TAM significa Telephone Answering Machine.

TAMS significa Telecom Analysis and Management System.

TAP significa Test Access Path.

TAP significa Telocator Alphanumeric Paging.

TAP significa Telecommunity Appalachian Project.

TAP significa Transferred Account Procedure.

TAPI significa Telephony Application Programming Interface.

TAPS significa Telephone Application Processing System.

TASI significa Time Assigned Speech Interpolation.

TAU significa Test Access Unit.

TAX significa Trunk Automatic Excahnge.

TBD significa To Be Decided.

TBD significa To Be Discussed.

TBF significa Telephone Band Filtering.

TBS significa Telephone Billing Service.

TC significa Terminating Channel.

TC significa Telephone Call.

TCA significa Threshold Crossing Alert.

TCA significa Telecom Computing Architecture.

TCAM significa Telecommunications Access Method.

TCAP significa Transaction Capabilities Application Part.

TCB significa Telecommunication Certification Body.

TCBH significa Time Consistency Budy Hours.

TCCL significa Terminating Carrier Command Line.

TCM significa Tandem Connection Maintenance.

TCM significa Trellis-Coded Modulation.

TCMS significa Trunked Code Management System.

TCP significa Telephone Connecting Program.

TCPIP significa Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.

TCS significa Telephony Control Specification.

TCT significa Tin Can Technology.

TD significa Transmitting Data.

TDD significa Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf.

TDOA significa Time Difference Of Arrival.

TDR significa Time Domain Reflectometer.

TDSA significa TELCO Distribution Support Architecture.

TE significa Terminal Equipment.

TEHO significa Tail End Hop Off.

TEI significa Terminal Endpoint Identifier.

TEI significa Terminal End Identifier.