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African Blackwood Conservation Project

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Siglas de la categoría Software [P]

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PA significa Program Advance.

PA significa Persistent Attribute.

PAC significa Process Algebra Compiler.

PACAY significa Point and Click with Activation (with YouTube).

PACS significa Picture Archiving And Communication Software.

PACT significa Portable Application Code Toolkit.

PAI significa Process After Input.

PAK significa Process Automation Komponent.

PAL significa Palmtop Application Library.

PAN significa Priority Application Number.

PARIS significa Prediction And Reporting Interactive Software.

PARTS significa Programmable And Reconfigurable Tool Set.

PASCAL significa Programming language named for 17th century mathematician Blaise Pascal.

PASE significa Pasepersonal Assistant For Software Engineers.

PASS significa Process Automation Software System.

PASS significa Project Agi Sci and Scumm (Interpreter & Games Analyzer).

PASS significa Paws Auto Scheduler System.

PAT significa Practical Application Tool.

PAT significa Property Assignment Tool.

PAT significa PHP Administration Tools.

PAW significa Physics Analysis Workstation.

PAWS significa Programmers Assembly WorkStation.

PB significa Pocket Basic.

PB significa Public Beta.

PB significa Project Builder.

PBBG significa Persistent Browser Based Game.

PBG significa Palm Beaming Gathering.

PBL significa Process Business Language.

PBM significa Portable Binary Map.

PBN significa Portable Bridge Notation.

PBP significa Pretty Bad Privacy.

PBS significa Portable Batch Scheduler.

PBS significa Portable Batch System.

PBW significa Portable Business Writer.

PC significa Proof Checker.

PCA significa Physical Configuration Audit.

PCB significa Program Control Block.

PCD significa Page Count Daemon.

PCD significa Photo Compact Disc.

PCDS significa Pendulum Control Digital Software.

PCF significa Pattern Compressed File.

PCF significa Process Command File.

PCG significa Pre Computed Graphics.

PCI significa Physical Configuration Item.

PCL significa Penguin Client Library.

PCMM significa People Capability Maturity Model.

PCNL significa Prompt Constrained Natural Language.

PCO significa Portal Configuration Object.

PCOS significa Professional Computer Operating System.

PCP significa Pattern Classification Program.