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African Blackwood Conservation Project

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Siglas de la categoría Meteología [U]

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U significa Uncertain.

UAAS significa Upper Air Atmospheric Sounding.

UAM significa Urban Airshed Model.

UAP significa Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

UAR significa Upper Atmosphere Research.

UATD significa Urban Area Transport and Dispersion.

UAV significa Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

UCAR significa University Corporation For Atmospheric Research.

UGF significa Under-Ground Facility.

UGS significa Unattended Ground Sensor.

UHA significa Ultra High Altitude.

UHI significa Ultra- High Intensity.

UHM significa Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine Society.

UHP significa Ultra High Pressure.

UKMO significa United Kingdom Meteorological Office.

UKV significa United Kingdom Variable-resolution weather forecasting system.

ULF significa Ultra Low Frequency.

ULI significa Upper Layer Indication.

ULJ significa Upper- Level Jet.

ULT significa Ultra- Low Temperature.

UMWL significa Upper Mean Water Level.

UNEP significa United Nations Environment Program.

UNESCO significa United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.

UNK significa Unknown.

UOP significa UCAR ( University Corporation For Atmospheric Research) Office of Programs.

URC significa Coordinated Universal Time.

URI significa University Research Institute.

USAF significa United States Air Force.

USCG significa United States Coast Guard.

USDOE significa United States Department of Education.

USDOI significa United States Department of the Interior.

USHCN significa United States Historical Climatology Network.

USIABP significa United States Interagency Arctic Buoy Program.

USMC significa United States Marine Corps.

USN significa United States Navy.

USNS significa United States Naval Ship.

USRA significa Universities Space Research Association.

USWRP significa United States Weather Research Program.

UTC significa Coordinated Universal Time (Temps Universel Coordonné) [language-independent abbreviation, French:.

UTH significa Tropospheric Relative Humidity.

UTM significa Universal Transverse Mercator.

UTO significa University of Toledo.

UV-A significa UltraViolet A.

UV-B significa Ultraviolet B.

UVA significa UltraViolet A.

UVB significa Ultraviolet B.

UVC significa Ultra-Violet C (250-260nm).

UVD significa UltraViolet Detector.

UVE significa Ultraviolet Experiment.

UVF significa UltraViolet Filter.