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African Blackwood Conservation Project

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Siglas de la categoría Extensión de archivo [P]

Siglas que empiezan por:

P significa Progress Database source code.

P significa Applause picture Graphics file.

P significa ReaGeniX code generator Rea-C-Time application parameter file.

P10 significa Tektronix Plot 10 drawing.

P16 significa ProTracker Studio 16 16-channel Music file.

P22 significa Patch file (Patch22).

P65 significa Document (PageMaker 6.5).

PA1 significa Worktable (PageAhead).

PAB significa Personal address book.

PAC significa Atari STAD Image Bitmap graphics file.

PAC significa SBStudio II Package or song.

PAD significa Telemate KeyPAD definition file.

PAINT significa Apple Macintosh Black & White MacPaint file Bitmap graphics.

PAK significa Compressed file archive (PAK).

PAL significa Color palette.

PAN significa CorelDraw Printer-specific file.

PAR significa Parameter file ( Fractint).

PAR significa Parts application (Digitalk PARTS).

PAR significa Permanent output file.

PAS significa Pascal language source code file (Pascal - Delphi).

PAT significa Bitmap graphics (1bit) (Patent data) (US Patent and Trademark Office).

PAT significa Hatch patterns (AutoCAD - Photostyler).

PAT significa Polygon Attribute Table (link geographic locations to databases).

PAT significa Sound patch (Gravis Ultrasound).

PAT significa Vector fill files (CorelDraw).

PB significa Fax (FAXability Plus).

PB significa Phonebook (WinFax Pro).

PB significa Proboard configuration files.

PB significa PixBase Setup file.

PB1 significa Document (First Publisher for Windows).

PBA significa Powerbasic BASIC language source code file (Genus).

PBD significa FaxNOW! Phone Book Data file.

PBI significa Genus PowerBasic Include file.

PBI significa Profiler Binary Input (MS Source Profiler).

PBK significa Phonebook.

PBL significa Powerbasic library (Genus).

PBM significa XLib Planar BitMap graphics file.

PBO significa Profiler Binary Output (MS Source Profiler).

PBT significa Profiler Binary Table (MS Source Profiler).

PC significa IBM PC-specific information Text file.

PC1 significa Atari Degas Image Bitmap graphics.

PC2 significa Atari Degas Image Bitmap graphics.

PC3 significa Atari Degas Image Bitmap graphics.

PC3 significa Harvard Graphics 3.0 Custom PALette.

PC8 significa NewWave Write ASCII text IBM8 character set file.

PCB significa P-CAD database (P-CAD).

PCC significa Cutout picture vector graphics ( ZSoft PC Paintbrush).

PCD significa Kodak Photo- CD image format Bitmap graphics.

PCF significa Profiler Command File (MS Source Profiler).

PCF significa Portable Compiled Format.