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Siglas de la categoría Extensión de archivo [O]

Siglas que empiezan por:

O significa Object file ( Unix - Atari - GCC).

O significa Outfile (Sprint).

OAZ significa Fax (NetFax Manager).

OB significa Object cut/paste file (IBM LinkWay).

OBD significa Binder (MS Binder).

OBJ significa Compiled machine language code (Intel Relocatable Object Module).

OBJ significa Object (Wavefront).

OBR significa Object browser data file (Borland C++).

OBS significa Script (ObjectScript).

OBT significa Template (MS Binder).

OBV significa Visual interface (ObjectScript).

OBZ significa Wizard (MS Binder).

OCF significa Object Craft File.

OCR significa FAXGrapper Incoming FAX transcribed to text.

OCT significa Octalizer Musical file.

OCX significa OLE custom control (Object Linking and Embedding).

ODA significa ODA document.

ODA significa Raster graphics (CALS Group IV Type 2).

ODIF significa Open Document Interchange Format.

ODL significa Object Definition Language file (MS Developer Studio).

OFD significa Form definition (ObjectView).

OFF significa Vector graphics (Object File Format).

OFM significa PostScript font description file.

OFN significa Document (MS Office).

OFT significa Microsoft Outlook Item template.

OGF significa Outrage Graphics File.

OGF significa OnkoS Graphic File.

OHS significa Outbound History (Bink/+).

OID significa Object Interaction Diagram ( Prosa/ OM).

OKT significa Oktalyzer 8-channel Music format.

OLB significa OLE object library.

OLB significa Object library (VAX).

OLD significa Backup file.

OLE significa OLE object.

OLI significa Olivetti Text file.

OLK significa Address book (MS Outlook).

OMD significa Class model (Prosa/OM).

OME significa Weather Observation Definition Format.

OMF significa OMF Interchange file.

OOBE significa Out Of Buggy Experience.

OOM significa Shroom Swap File.

OPA significa Object file (Psion OPL).

OPL significa OPL language source code file (Psion).

OPN significa Active options (Exact).

OPO significa Psion OPL Object file.

OPT significa Optimize support file (QEMM).

OPT significa Options.

OPW significa Organization chart (Org Plus for Windows).

OPX significa Chart (MS Organization).

OPX significa Inactive options (Exact).