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Siglas de la categoría Telecomunicaciones [O]

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O significa Operator.

OAM-P significa Operations, Administration, Maintenance, and Provisioning.

OAMP significa Operations, Administration, Maintenance.

OBOH significa Ohio Bell Telephone.

OC significa Optical Channel.

OC significa Operator Cutoff.

OC-N significa Optical Carrier.

OCA significa Outstate Calling Area.

OCC significa Other Common Carrier.

OCC significa Optical Communication Channel.

OCD significa Out of Cell Delineation.

OCU significa Office Channel Unit.

OCWN significa Orange County Wireless Network.

OD significa Operator Dialed.

ODL significa Optical Data Link.

OE significa Originating Equipment.

OFA significa Optical Fiber Amplifier.

OFE significa Owner-Furnished Equipment.

OFN significa Optical Fiber Non-conductive.

OGX significa Out- Going eXchange.

OH significa Off Hook.

OHP significa On-Hold Player.

OIM significa Operations Interface Module.

OITD significa Over-Issued Telephone Directories.

OLEC significa Other Local Exchange Carrier.

OLNS significa Originating Line Number Screening.

OLP significa On Line Provisioning.

OLT significa Optical Line Terminal.

OLTS significa Optical Loss Test Set.

OM significa Operational Measurement.

OMC significa Optical Multi-Channel.

OMC significa Operations and Maintenance Center.

OMS significa Olympic Messaging System.

ONAL significa Off-Network Access Line.

ONU significa Optical Network Unit.

OOA significa Out Of Area.

OOD significa Object Oriented Design.

OOF significa Out Of Frame.

OOS significa Out Of Service.

OOS significa Out Of Synchronization.

OOS significa Otm Overhead Signal.

OOS-AU significa Out Of Synchronization - Autonomous Unit.

OOS-AUMA significa Out Of Synchronization - Autonomous Unit - Manual Override.

OOSP significa Out Of Service Permanently.

OPP significa Object Push Profile.

OPS significa Optical Packet Switching.

OPS-INE significa Operations System/Intelligent Network Element.

OPX significa Off Premise Extension.

OQ significa Operator Qualification.

OR significa Office Regenerator.