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Siglas de la categoría Telecomunicaciones [N]

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N-AMPS significa Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone Service.

N1 significa Nexus One.

NA significa Not Answered.

NAC significa Natural Area Code.

NADH significa North American Digital Hierarchy.

NAK significa Negative Acknowledgement.

NANPA significa North American Numbering Plan Administration.

NAT significa Network Attached Storage.

NAVTEC significa National Vocational & Technical Education Commission.

NBAP significa NodeB Application Part.

NC significa Network Channel.

NC significa No Connection.

NCD significa National Coverage Determination.

NCI significa Network Channel Interface.

NCP significa Network Control Point.

NCS significa Not Connected Seconds.

NCT significa Network Connection Utilities.

NCTE significa Network Channel Terminating Equipment.

NCU significa Network Connection Utilities.

ND significa Non Duplex.

NDE significa National Dedicated Ethernet.

NDF significa New Data Flag.

NDL significa No Down Link.

NDM significa Network Data Mover.

NDOTT significa National Data Operations Training Team.

NDT significa No Dial Tone.

NE significa Network Element.

NEP significa No Exchange Provided.

NEWT significa Newly Emerging Wireless Technologies.

NEXT significa Near End Cross Talk.

NFAS significa Non Facility Associated Signaling.

NGDLC significa Next Generation Digital Loop Carrier.

NGN significa Next Generation Network.

NGOSS significa Next Generation Operations Support Systems.

NGT significa New Global Telecom.

NI significa Network Interface.

NI-1 significa National ISDN-1.

NI-2 significa National ISDN-2.

NIR significa Network Information Repository.

NITZ significa Network Identity and Time Zone.

NIU significa Network Interface Unit.

NLPID significa Network Level Protocol ID.

NLU significa Number Look-Up.

NMA significa Network Management and Administration.

NMA significa Network Monitoring and Analysis.

NMF significa Network Management Forum.

NMI significa National Metering Identifier.

NML significa Network Management Layer.

NMP significa Network Management Protocol.

NMT significa Nordic Mobile Telephony.