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I-LINK significa IEEE 1394 serial bus interface (Sony implementation).

IAD significa Integrated Access Device.

IAST significa Industry Access Service Tariff.

IAT significa Integrated Access Terminal.

IAV significa Images Audio Video.

IBOC significa In Band On Channel.

IBS significa In Building Solutions.

IBSS significa Independent Basic Service Set.

IC-POT significa Interexchange Carrier-Point of Termination.

ICC significa Interexchange Carrier Charge.

ICCF significa Interexchange Carrier Compatibility Forum.

ICE significa Information Content Exchange.

ICE significa Integrated Communications Environment.

ICL significa Inserted Connection Loss.

ICLD significa Inter-Channel Level Difference.

ICSF significa Internet Connection Sharing and Firewall.

IDCP significa Internet Device Control Protocol.

IDD significa International Direct Dial.

IDD significa International Direct Dialing.

IDF significa Independent Distribution Frame.

IDLC significa Integrated Digital Loop Carrier.

IDM significa Interim Data Modem.

IDR significa Installer Design Required.

IDS significa Information Directory Service.

IDT significa Information Distribution Company.

IDT significa Integrated Digital Terminal.

IESS significa INTELSAT Earth Station Standard.

IG significa Interface Group.

IIS significa Internet Information Server.

IKI significa Institut Kosmitcheskikh Issledovanii.

IKS significa Imperial Klingon Ship.

ILD significa International Long Distance.

ILEC significa Independent Local Exchange Carrier.

ILQ significa Inbound Link Quality.

ILRM significa Interim Local Management Interface.

IMA significa Integrated Motor Assist.

IMEI significa International Mobile Equipment Identifier.

IMM significa Interactive Mobile Media.

IMP significa Interface Message Processors.

IMPACT significa Integrated Manufacturing Precision Assembly Cellular Technology.

IMPCS significa Indian Mobile Personal Communication System.

IMPI significa IP Multimedia Private Identity.

IMS significa IP multimedia Subsystem.

IMS significa Internal Messaging System.

IMSI significa International Mobile Subscriber Identity.

IMSS significa Italtel Multi Service Solutions.

IMT significa International Mobile Telecommunications.

IMT significa International Mobile Telecommunication.

IMT significa Internet Mobile Telecommunication.

IMTS significa Improved Mobile Telephone Service.