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African Blackwood Conservation Project

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Siglas de la categoría Telecomunicaciones [G]

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GAT significa GSM, AMPS, and TDMA.

GATE significa GPRS Application Test Environment.

GBT significa Ground Based Tower.

GC significa Global Communications.

GCA significa General Communication Area.

GCS significa Global Communication System.

GDK significa GIMP Drawing Kit.

GDM significa GSM Data Module.

GDS significa Global Distribution System.

GEO significa Geostationary Earth Orbit.

GERAN significa GSM Edge Radio Access Network.

GFC significa Generic Flow Control.

GFI significa General Format Identifier.

GFSK significa Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying.

GI significa Graded Index.

GLD significa German Long Distance.

GMRS significa General Mobile Radio Service.

GMSS significa Global Mobile Satellite System.

GOMP significa Get Off My Phone.

GPBX significa Gemeinschaft Private Branch eXchange.

GREAT significa Graphing Revenues Expenditures And Taxes.

GRUB significa Greedy Reclamation of Unused Bandwidth.

GS significa Ground Start.

GSA significa Guarded Single Assignment.

GSL significa Grammar Specification Language.

GSM significa Global System for Mobile (communications).

GSM significa Group Speciale Mobile.

GSM significa Groupe Speciale Mobile.

GSN significa Gprs Support Node.

GSTN significa General Switched Telephone Network.

GT-T significa Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company.

GTE significa Go To Eliminator.

GTI significa Graphics, Text, and Images.

GTXC significa Global Telephone Exchange Carrier.

GWCS significa General Wireless Communications Service (46560 - 4685 MHz).