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Siglas de la categoría Telecomunicaciones [F]

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F significa Frequency.

FA significa Failed Answer.

FAC significa Forced Authorization Code.

FACS significa Facility Assignment and Control System.

FAS significa Frame Alignment Signal.

FAST significa Field Automated Subscriber Testing.

FAW significa Frame Alignment Word.

FB significa Framing Bit.

FCAPS significa Fault Configuration Accounting Performance And Security.

FCFS significa First-Come, First-Served.

FCO significa Foreign Central Office.

FCR significa Field Change Revision.

FCT significa Fixed Cellular Terminal.

FD significa Full Duplex.

FDD significa Frequency Division Duplex.

FDI significa Feeder Distribution Interface.

FDL significa Facilities Data Link.

FDL significa Facility Data Link.

FDOA significa Frequency Difference Of Arrival.

FDS significa Filtering Distributing And Serving.

FDTD significa Finite Difference Time Domain.

FE significa Far End.

FEAC significa Far End Alarm and Control.

FEBE significa Far End Block Error.

FEBE-F significa Far End Block Error Count - fast data.

FEBE-I significa Far End Block Error Count - interleaved data.

FEC significa Forward Error Correction.

FECC-F significa Forward Error Correction Count - fast data.

FECC-I significa Forward Error Correction Count - interleaved data.

FELB significa Far End Loop Back.

FERF significa Far End Receive Failure.

FEXT significa Far-End Cross Talk.

FGA significa Feature Group A.

FGD significa Feature Group D.

FH significa Frequency Hopping.

FITL significa Fiber In The Loop.

FL significa Fiber Link.

FLC significa Forward Link Channel.

FLL significa Fixed Loss Loop.

FLN significa Fixed Line Network.

FMC significa Fixed Mobile Convergence.

FMR significa Follow Me Roaming.

FMS significa Fixed Mobile Substitution.

FNN significa Full National Number.

FOB significa Forward On Busy.

FOE significa Fiber Optic Equipment.

FOTP significa Fiber Optic Test Procedures.

FOTS significa Fiber Optical Transmission System.

FP significa Full Period (service).

FPS significa Framing Pattern Sequence.