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C significa Collect.

C significa Connectivity.

C significa Connection.

C-R significa Control/Response indication bit.

CAB significa Conformity Assessment Body.

CABS significa Carrier Access Billing System.

CAC significa Connection Admission Control.

CAC significa Carrier Access Code.

CACH significa Call Appearance Call Handling.

CAL significa Customer Access Line.

CAL significa Connection Access License.

CALA significa Customer Address Location Area.

CALC significa Customer Access Line Charge.

CAPS significa Call Attempts Per Second.

CAPTAIN significa Character And Pattern Telephone Access Information Network.

CAS significa Carrier Activity Sensor.

CASE significa Common Application Service Elements.

CASP significa Communications Application Service Provider.

CAT significa Charges, Access, and Terms.

CATV significa CAble TeleVision.

CB significa Call Back.

CBCU significa Centralized Broadband Control Unit.

CBO significa Call-Back Only.

CC significa Committed Burst Size.

CC significa Call Control.

CCBS significa Completion of Call to Busy Subscriber.

CCC significa Clear Channel Capability.

CCH significa Common CHannel.

CCITT significa Comite Consultatif International Telegraphique et Telephonique (now ITU-T).

CCR significa Customer Controlled Reconfiguration.

CCS significa Centa- (hundred) Call Seconds.

CCS significa Call Center Service.

CCSA significa Common Control Switching Arrangement.

CCSD significa Cellular Circuit Switched Data.

CD significa Channel Delay.

CD significa Carrier Detect.

CD significa Connect Direct.

CDM significa Code Division Multiplexing.

CDO significa Community Dial Office.

CDPD significa Cellular Digital Packet Data.

CDR significa Call Detail Record.

CDR significa Clock and Data Recovery.

CDSL significa Consumer Digital Subscriber Line.

CELL significa Caller Enabled Leased Line.

CEP significa Communication End Point.

CEPT significa Committee of European Postal & Telephone (authorities).

CES significa Circuit Emulation Service.

CF significa Coin First.

CF significa Call Forward.

CFA significa Carrier Failure Alarm.