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B significa Bits.

B-CPE significa Broadband Customer Premises Equipment.

B-ICI significa Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface.

B3G significa Beyond Third Generation.

B3ZS significa Bipolar 3 Zero Substitution.

B6ZS significa Bipolar 6 Zero Substitution.

B8ZS significa Bipolar 8 Zero Substitution.

BAF significa Bellcore AMA Format.

BAN significa Building Area Network.

BBCR significa Broadband Communications Research.

BBM significa BlackBerry Messenger.

BC significa Committed Burst size.

BC significa Burst Copy.

BCM significa Bit Compression Multiplexer.

BCP significa Before Cell Phones.

BDS significa Bundled Digital Services.

BEAR significa Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement.

BERT significa Bit Error Rate Tester.

BFS significa Broadcast File System.

BFW significa Broadband Fixed Wireless.

BGSA significa Banded Geographical Service Area.

BHA significa Busy Hour Attempts.

BHCA significa Busy Hour Call Attempts.

BHCC significa Busy Hour Call Completions.

BHP significa Burst Header Packet.

BIP significa Bit Interleaved Parity.

BISDN significa Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network.

BIU significa Bus Interface Unit.

BLERT significa BLock Error Rate Test.

BLP significa Burst Loss Probability.

BNC significa Bayonet Nut Connector.

BOC significa Bell Operating Company.

BOD significa Bandwidth On Demand.

BORSCHT significa Battery feed, Overvoltage protection, Ringing, Signaling, Coding, Hybrid, and Testing.

BOT significa Baseline Of Text.

BPOP significa Building Point of Presence.

BPS significa Baud Per Second.

BR significa Basic Rate.

BRA significa Basic Rate Access.

BRAN significa Broadband Radio Access Network.

BREW significa Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless.

BRITE significa Basic Rate Interface Transmission Extension.

BS significa Broadcast Satellite.

BS significa Basic Service.

BS significa Burst Selector.

BSC significa Bi-Synchronous Communications (protocol).

BSM significa Broadband Satellite Multimedia.

BSNL significa Bharat Sanchar Nigam, Limited.

BSRF significa Basic System Reference Frequency.

BSS significa Broadband Switching System.