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Sigla del día: ABCP

African Blackwood Conservation Project

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T-CPM significa Telesens Content Partner Management.

T-TTM significa Telesens Traffic Trade Manager.

TAAE significa Tenchi and Anime Awards Engine.

TAC significa Twisted Application Configuration.

TACS significa Theoretical Aspects Of Computer Software.

TACT significa Text Analysis Computing Tools.

TAFS significa Tiererd Archive Files Systems.

TAM significa Tivoli Access Manager.

TAMS significa Total Availability Monitoring Solution.

TAO significa Testability, Analysis, and Optimization.

TAO significa The Ace Orb.

TAR significa Technical Assistance Request.

TASO significa Truncated Address Space Option.

TASP significa Tactical Advanced Signal Processing.

TATFT significa Test All The Frigging Time.

TAU significa True Audio Software.

TAV significa Tigr Array Viewer.

TBU significa Tape Backup Unit.

TC significa Tab Crawler.

TCA significa Trading Community Architechure.

TCASS significa Tropical Cyclone Applications Software System.

TCC significa Tiny C Compiler.

TCDL significa Test Case Description Language.

TCDL significa Total Computed Demand Load.

TCE significa Typo Core Engine.

TCF significa Throw Clean Function (part of GNU CC).

TCK significa Test Compatability Kit.

TCLP significa Turbo Codes Licensing Program.

TCM significa Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling.

TCM significa TANF Case Manager.

TCMS significa Trivial Content Management System.

TCO significa Technical Computing Operations.

TCS significa TATA Consultancy Services.

TCW significa Totally Cool Walkthrough.

TD significa Trojan Downloader.

TDB significa Tactical Data Base.

TDD significa Test Driven Development.

TDES significa Testable Design Expert System.

TDF significa Title Definition Format.

TDF significa Terascan Data Format.

TDG significa Time and Date Generator.

TDI significa Techical Document Issue.

TDI significa True Data India.

TDII significa True Data India - International.

TDK significa Track Developers Kit.

TDK significa Turbine Development Kit.

TDL significa Tally Definition Language.

TDMS significa Test Data Migration Server.

TDS significa Trojan Defense Systems.

TDS significa Technical Design Specifications.