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African Blackwood Conservation Project

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L significa Linux.

L2K significa Link2000.

LAAAM significa Lightweight Architecture Alternative Assessment Method.

LAD significa Linux Audio Development.

LAG significa Lexical Analyzer Generator.

LAIR significa Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence Research.

LAMP significa Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Perl.

LAMP significa Linux Animation and Movie Player.

LAP significa Logic Audio Platinum.

LART significa Linux Advanced Radio Terminal.

LARTS significa Lifeformulae ASN Reader Tool Set.

LAS significa Linux Arabization Standard.

LASE significa Linux Audio Synthesis Engine.

LASE significa Limited Area Search Engine.

LAU significa Lynx Analysis Unit.

LBIB significa Location Based Information Broker.

LBWEM significa Lattice-Based Word Error Minimization.

LC significa Lower Case.

LC significa Location Class.

LC significa Label Creator.

LCMT significa Learning Credit Management Tool.

LCP significa Lyris Command Protocol.

LCV significa List Control Variable.

LCWS significa Little Celtic Warlock Software.

LDI significa Large Document Imaging.

LDMS significa Lightlink Dimming Manager Software.

LDS significa LiveCycle Data Service.

LE significa Linear Executable.

LEAD significa Laser Engraved Application Development.

LF significa Line Formatter.

LFA significa Logical Framework Analysis.

LFS significa Linux From Scratch.

LGPL significa Lesser General Public License.

LH significa LongHorn.

LILO significa LInux LOader.

LINA significa Lina Is Not Apple.

LINC significa Logic and Information Network Compiler.

LINQ significa Language Integrated Query.

LINUS significa see Linux.

LIRA significa Learning Information Retrieval Agent.

LIRC significa Linux Infrared Remote Control.

LISP significa List Processing.

LKGC significa Last Known Good Configuration.

LLF significa Low Level Formatter.

LLF significa Low Level Format.

LM significa LAN (Local Area Network) Manager.

LM significa Lisp Maintainer.

LMC significa Lotos Model Checker.

LMI significa Local Method Invocation.

LMP significa Linux Maintenance Project.