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K significa Kilobyte (1024 bytes).

KAL significa Kalisto.

KASM significa Kestrel Assembly Language.

KAT significa Karma Authoring Tool.

KATE significa KDE Advanced Text Editor.

KB significa KiloByte.

KBFX significa Kicker Button eFfects.

KBT significa Knowledge Based Testing.

KCF significa Key Click Filter.

KCM significa Kofax Configuration Manager.

KCS significa Knowledge Center Software.

KDF significa Koala Document Fingerprinting.

KDLOC significa 1000 Developed Lines Of Code.

KENIA significa Knowledge Extraction and Notification Architecture.

KERMIT significa a file transfer program/protocol.

KFW significa Kerberos for Windows.

KHTML significa Konqueror Hyper Text Markup Language.

KIC significa Kodak Image Compression.

KID significa Kernel Independent Drivers.

KIV significa Karlsruhe Interactive Verifier.

KM significa Knowledge Management.

KMF significa Keyboard Macro File.

KMF significa Kent Modelling Framework.

KMFL significa Keyboard Mapping For Linux.

KML significa Keyhole Markup Language.

KMS significa Kerio MailServer.

KOA significa Kiezen Op Afstand.

KOC significa Kerio Outlook Connector.

KOS significa Knowledge Organization System.

KP significa Kernel Panic.

KPA significa Key Process Area.

KPDL significa Kyocera Page Description Language.

KPF significa (Sunbelt-)Kerio Personal Firewall.

KPM significa Kde Process Manager.

KPPD significa Key Process Parameter Description.

KPPI significa Key Process Parameter Indicator.

KPS significa Knowledge Productization Services.

KPU significa Key Process Utilities.

KROC significa Kent Retargetable Occam Compiler.

KS significa Knowledge Structure.

KS significa Kernel Services.

KSF significa Korg Sample File.

KSM significa Kofax Source Manager.

KSP significa Kerio Synchronization Plug-in.

KST significa Korg Style Toolkit.

KTB significa Kde Tree Browser.

KWF significa Kerio WinRoute Firewall.