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FA significa Full Abstraction.

FAB significa Feature Advantage and Benefit.

FAB significa Fast Active Builder.

FACC significa Feature and Attribute Coding Catalogue.

FACES significa Flexible, Automated, Calculating, Extendible, Simulating.

FACS significa Formal Aspects of CORBA Systems.

FACTS significa Free Automated Contest And Tournament Software.

FAMS significa Fixed Asset Management Software.

FAQ significa Frequently Asking Questions.

FASE significa Fundamental Approaches To Software Engineering.

FASE significa Fasefundamental Approaches To Software Engineering.

FAST significa First American Software Technology.

FAST significa Formulation Assisting Software Toolkit.

FAST significa Fully Active Starburst Technology.

FAST significa Framework for Automated Service Trading.

FAT significa File Allocation Table.

FBD significa Functional Block Diagram.

FBE significa Flames Behavior Engine.

FBI significa Friendly Bot Interaction.

FBK significa Familytreemaker BacKup.

FBML significa Facebook Markup Language.

FBP significa Flow Based Programming.

FBSM significa Feature Based Solid Modeling.

FC significa Fortran Compiler.

FC significa Full Control.

FC significa Fedora Core.

FC5 significa Fedora Core 5.

FCA significa Functional Configuration Audit.

FCE significa Functional Capacity Examination.

FCG significa Framework Compliance Guidance.

FCL significa Font Compiler and Loader.

FCL significa Fuzzy Control Language.

FCL significa Framework Class Library.

FCO significa Flexible Call Offering.

FCP significa Final Cut Pro.

FCS significa Form Conversion Software.

FCT significa Fast Cycle Time.

FDD significa Feature Driven Development.

FDK significa Fansite Development Kit.

FDK significa Font Development Kit.

FDL significa Feature Description Language.

FDL significa Free Documentation License.

FDL significa Field Definition Language.

FDT significa Flash Development Toolkit.

FDT significa Function Digital Test.

FE significa Flash Edition.

FEAF significa Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework.

FEAR significa Flexible Embodied Animat Rchitecture.

FERRET significa Flexible Expert Retrieval of Relevant English Text.

FESE significa Faculty For Electric And Software Engineering.