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C significa Compare.

C significa Computational.

C significa Compiler.

C significa C-sharp programming language.

C significa C-plus-1 programming language.

C4D significa Cinema 4D.

CAAT significa Cognitive Agents Architecture and Theory.

CAD significa Control-Alt-Delete.

CAD significa Computer Aided Design.

CADD significa Computer Aided Design and Drafting.

CAE significa Computer Aided Engineering.

CAF significa Created Auto-Fill.

CAI significa Computer-Aided Instruction.

CAM significa Conditional Access Module.

CAM significa Computer Aided Manufacturing.

CAMEO significa Computer-Aided Method of Engine Optimisation.

CAP significa Collaborative Analytical Processing.

CAP significa Channel Assembly Program.

CAP significa Common Aftermarket Protocol.

CAP significa Custom Application Program.

CAPA significa Consolidated Application For Pharmacy Administration.

CAPP significa Calculation And Presentation Package.

CAPS significa Computer Animation Production System.

CAPS significa Computerized Animation Production System.

CAPS significa Common Avhrr Processing Software.

CAPTCHA significa Completely Automatic Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart.

CASE significa Computer-Aided Software Engineering.

CASE significa Computer Aid Software Engineering.

CASL significa Compact Application Solution Language.

CASS significa Cascaded Analysis of Syntactic Structure.

CASS significa Custom Application Subscription Services.

CASS significa Coding Accuracy Support System.

CASS significa Comprehensive Acoustic System Simulation.

CAST significa Computer Aided Software Testing.

CAT significa Computer Aided Translation.

CAT significa Computer Aided Testing.

CATIA significa Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application.

CAVE significa Cave Advanced Virtual Environment.

CB significa Command Button.

CBAS significa Computrols Building Automation Software.

CBB significa Check Book Balancer.

CBD significa Component-Based Development.

CBDE significa Component Based Development Environment.

CBDI significa Component Based Development and Integration.

CBE significa CNF Boolean Encoding.

CBIR significa Content Based Image Retrieval.

CBIRS significa Content Based Image Retrieval System.

CBOS significa Cisco Broadband Operating System.

CBSE significa Component Based Software Engineering.

CBSU significa Cluster-Based Sentence Utility.