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Sigla del día: ABCP

African Blackwood Conservation Project

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98 significa version 4.1 of Microsoft Windows.

95 significa version 4.0 of Microsoft Windows.

1TBS significa One True Brace Style.

A significa Agiliance.

A-BUG significa AdSonar - Bulk Upload Gateway.

AAA significa Automated Atlantis Assistants.

AAC significa Advanced Audio Compression.

AACTS significa Arthur Andersen Corporate Tax Software.

AACTS significa Automatic Analog Circuit Test Strategist.

AAIP significa Approaches and Applications of Inductive Programming.

AAIS significa Assignment Activation And Inventory Services.

AAK significa Assembly Add-on Kit.

AAMP significa Aggressive Advantage of Multiple Processors.

AAPP significa ATOVS And AVHRR Processing Package.

AASM significa Adaptive Algorithm Selection Method.

AAT significa Application Assembly Tool.

AB significa Application Bridge.

AB significa Apache Benchmarking.

ABCU significa Address Book Conversion Utility.

ABEF significa A Better eBay Filter.

ABEL significa Advanced Boolean Expression Language.

ABEL significa Assumption Based Evidential Language.

ABG significa Answers By Gateway.

ABI significa Application Binary Interface.

ABIOS significa Advanced BIOS (for IBM PS/2).

ABIS significa Automated Biometric Identification System.

ABL significa Advanced Business Language.

ABLE significa Agent Building and Learning Environment.

ABMC significa Automation Bulk Mailing Center.

ABO significa Adaptive Binary Optimization.

ABSD significa Agent Based Software Development.

ABT significa Advanced Brightness Technology.

ABU significa Analog Back- Up.

ABUG significa AdSonar Bulk Upload Gateway.

ABUTEC significa Advanced Burner Techonologies.

AC significa Apache Configurator.

AC significa Application Context.

AC significa Authenticast Comet.

AC significa Aerodynamic Code.

ACA significa Arithmetical Comprehension Axiom.

ACAS significa Adaptive Context Aware Services.

ACASA significa Adult Clinic Assessment Software Application.

ACAT significa Aironet Configuration Administration Tool.

ACATS significa Ada Conformity Assessment Test Suite.

ACC significa Aspect Component Configuration.

ACCU significa Association of C/C++ Users.

ACD significa Automated Configuration Documentation.

ACDM significa Association for Configuration and Data Management.

ACE significa Anti Chop Eye.

ACE significa Active Content Engine.