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Siglas de la categoría Psicología [P]

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P-E significa Population And Environmental Psychology.

PADDS significa Pediatric Attention Deficit Disorders Screener.

PAIR significa Psychiatric Assertive Identification and Referral.

PAS significa Personality Assimilation Sociopath.

PAWB significa Psychosocial Assistance Without Borders.

PBC significa Pieter Baan Centrum.

PCIT significa Parent-Child Interaction Task.

PDI significa Power Distance Index.

PFL significa Penguin Freud Library.

PH significa Psychological Hypnosis.

PHD significa Persons Having Dreams.

PHD significa Posturing, Hallucinating, Dead.

PHD significa Psycotic, Hyped, Delusional.

PIDS significa Personal Inventory for Depression and Sadness.

PMDA significa Pathophysiological basis of Mental Disorders and Addictions.

PPS significa Peter Pan Syndrome.

PROS significa Personalized Recovery-Oriented Services.

PSIEP significa Project On Scientific Information Exchange In Psychology.

PSR significa Psychosocial Rehabilitation.

PSTM significa Perceptual Short Term Memory.

PSYM significa Master of Psychology.

PTCS significa Primary Test of Cognitive Skills.

PTPP significa Part Time Prostitution Project.

PTPR significa Post-Traumatic Psychological Re-integration.

PTSS significa Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

PUC significa Psychologically Unstable Co-pilot.