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Siglas de la categoría Psicología [C]

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C significa Clueless.

C significa Coolness.

C significa Compassion.

CADT significa Competence Analysis & Development Tool.

CAMAS significa Coordinated Application, Matching, And Admissions System For Graduate Programs In Psychology.

CAPASAR significa Ad Hoc Committee On Apa/State Association Relations.

CAPPS significa Council for the Advancement of Psychological Professions and Sciences.

CAPS significa Clinical Administered PTSD Scale.

CATCC significa Centre Avanat de Terpia Cognitiu-Conductual (Catalan: Advanced Centre of Cognitive-Behavioral Ther.

CAWD significa Chronic Alternate World Disorder.

CBDI significa Cognitive Behavioral Drivers Inventory.

CCC significa Counselling Code of Conduct.

CCHT significa Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

CEOP significa Committee Of Equality Of Opportunity In Psychology.

CHAV significa Council House And Violence.

CNDB significa Carolina Nosology of Destructive Behavior.

COCA significa Clinician Outreach and Communication Activity.

COFSA significa Continuing Committee On Organization And Function Of State Associations.

COMDOC significa Committee On Doctoral Training.

CONPASS significa Consortium Of Professional Associations For Study Of Special Teacher Improvement Programs.

COPDAC significa Conference Of Psychologist Directors In State, Federal, And Territorial Mental Health Programs.

COPPIA significa Ad Hoc Committee On Promoting Public Interest Activity.

CP significa Community Psychology.

CPNA significa Community Psychiatric Nurses Association.

CPO significa College of Psychologists of Ontario.

CPOP significa Committee On Psychology In Other Professional Schools.

CPRS significa Comprehensive Psychopathological Rating Scale.

CPSP significa Certified Peer Support Provider.

CPT significa Current Procedural Terminology.

CRS significa Correct Relation Selection.

CSB significa Compulsive Sexual Behavior.

CSPEC significa Ad Hoc Committee On Scientific And Professional Ethics And Conduct.

CTA significa Cognitive Task Analysis.

CTPA significa Comprehensive Test of Psionic Aptitude.

CWP significa Committee On Women In Psychology.