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African Blackwood Conservation Project

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Siglas de la categoría Psicología

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AAAS significa American Association for the Advancement of Science.

AAAP significa American Association Of Applied Psychology.

AAP significa Association for the Advancement of Psychology.

AAPB significa Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback.

AAPCC significa American Association Of Psychiatric Clinics For Children.

AAUPTC significa American Association Of University Psychology Training Centers.

ABBP significa American Board of Behavioral Psychology.

ABPP significa American Board Of Professional Psychology.

ACEP significa Association For Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

ACRA significa Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach.

ACT significa Actualize Conscious Thought.

AD significa Arrested Development.

ADC significa After Death Communication.

ADD significa Advanced Discipline Deficit.

ADOS significa Attention Deficit? Oh, Shiney!.

ADSA significa Attention Deficit Scale for Adults.

AFSP significa American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

AGE significa Aggressive Geriatric Elder.

AH significa After Humanity.

AHCP significa Association of Holistic Complementary Practitioners.

AMA significa American Medical Association.

AMS significa Altered Mental State.

ANT significa Amorphous Nominal Task.

ANT significa Automatic Negative Thoughts.

APA significa American Psychological Association.

APA significa American Psychiatric Association.

APTI significa Association for Psychological Type International.

ASAS significa Adolescent Substance Abuse Survey.

ASPD significa AntiSocial Personality Disorder.

ATA significa American Therapy Association.

AVPD significa AVoidant Personality Disorder.

BPA significa Board of Professional Affairs.

BPRS significa Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale.

BSA significa Board of Scientific Affairs.

BSCS significa Biological Sciences Curriculum Study.

BSERP significa Board Of Social And Ethical Responsibility Of Psychologists.

C significa Clueless.

C significa Coolness.

C significa Compassion.

CADT significa Competence Analysis & Development Tool.

CAMAS significa Coordinated Application, Matching, And Admissions System For Graduate Programs In Psychology.

CAPASAR significa Ad Hoc Committee On Apa/State Association Relations.

CAPPS significa Council for the Advancement of Psychological Professions and Sciences.

CAPS significa Clinical Administered PTSD Scale.

CATCC significa Centre Avanat de Terpia Cognitiu-Conductual (Catalan: Advanced Centre of Cognitive-Behavioral Ther.

CAWD significa Chronic Alternate World Disorder.

CBDI significa Cognitive Behavioral Drivers Inventory.

CCC significa Counselling Code of Conduct.

CCHT significa Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

CEOP significa Committee Of Equality Of Opportunity In Psychology.