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Sigla del día: ABCP

African Blackwood Conservation Project

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6-DOF significa Six Degree Of Freedom.

AA significa Academic Alliance.

AASE significa Airborne Arctic Stratospheric Expedition.

AAWO significa Association of American Weather Observers.

AAWS significa Average Annual Wind Speed.

AB significa Aurora Borealis.

ABL significa Atmospheric Boundary Layer.

ABLE significa Atmospheric Boundary Layer Experiment.

ACARS significa ARINC Communication Addressing and Reporting System.

ACCA significa Automatic Cloud Cover Assessment.

ACES significa Altus Cumulus Electrification Study.

ACFP significa Advanced Computer Flight Plan.

ACIA significa Arctic Climate Impact Assessment.

ACON significa Atlantic Coast Observer Network.

ACP significa Atmospheric Chemistry Program.

ACRF significa ARM Climate Research Facility.

ACRP significa Atmospheric Composition Research Program.

ACRS significa Astrographic Catalog Reference Stars.

ACSG significa Atmospheric Chemistry SubGroup.

ACU significa Acquisition Control Unit.

ACVT significa Atmospheric Chemistry Validation Team.

AD significa Air Density.

AD significa Anomalous Dispersion.

ADAS significa AWOS/ASOS Data Acquisition System.

ADCP significa Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler.

ADDS significa Aviation Digital Data Service.

ADEOS significa Advanced Earth Observing System.

ADFC significa Altimetry Data Fusion Center.

ADLP significa Aeronautical Data Link Program.

ADMS significa Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System.

ADS significa All Directional Shower.

ADTS significa Air Data Test Set.

ADW significa Average Dry Weather.

ADWF significa Average Dry Weather Flow.

ADWS significa Automatic Digital Weather Switch.

AETC significa Atmospheric Environment Technical Committee.

AF significa Air Force.

AFB significa Air Force Base.

AFCCC significa Air Force Combat Climatology Center.

AFDD significa Accumulated Freezing Degree Days.

AFGWC significa Air Force Global Weather Center.

AFGWC significa Air Force Global Weather Centrals.

AFOS significa Automation of Field Operations and Services.

AFR significa Air Flow Research.

AFSS significa Automated Flight Service Station.

AGCM significa Atmospheric Global Climate Model.

AGE significa Advected Grid Explicit.

AGFS significa Aviation Gridded Forecast System.

AGW significa Anthropogenic Global Warming.

AIDS significa Air Improvement Disruption Syndrome.