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Sigla del día: ABCP

African Blackwood Conservation Project

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A significa Australian.

AADC significa Australian Antarctic Data Centre.

AAG significa Association of American Geologists.

AARS significa Asian Association of Remote Sensing.

AASR significa Annual Aquaculture Statistics Report.

ABCN significa Area Based Community Nutrition.

ABFZ significa Angola Benguela Frontal Zone.

ABFZ significa Azores Bank Fracture Zone.

ABFZ significa Agua Blanca Fault Zone.

ABP significa Aegean Blue Pearl.

AC significa American Coast.

ACE significa After the Common Era.

ACH significa Aki, Christoffersson, and Husebye.

ACM significa Autonomous Crack Monitoring.

ACR significa Angelo Coast Range.

ACRC significa Australian Crustal Research Centre.

ACRR significa Angelo Coast Range Reserve.

ACWI significa All Country World Index.

ADIR significa Adirondacks.

AE significa Alkaline Earth.

AEDD significa Arctic Environmental Data Directory.

AF significa Anti-Fall.

AF significa Across Flats.

AFTA significa Apatite Fission Track Analysis.

AGO significa Automated Geophysical Observatory.

AGU significa American Geophysical Union.

AGWA significa Automated Geospatial Watershed Assessment.

AHD significa Australian Height Datum.

AIH significa Area Including Holes.

ALS significa Airborne Laser Survey.

ALSF significa Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund.

AMAP significa Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program.

AMD significa Acid Mine Drainage.

AMOSITE significa Asbestiform mineral - Cummingtonite-Grunnerite Solid Solution Series.

AMSL significa Above Mean Sea Level.

ANARE significa Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition.

ANCZ significa Andaman and Nicobar Islands Coastal Zone.

ANSI significa Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest.

ANSS significa Advanced National Seismic System.

AOV significa Atlantic Ocean Volcanism.

APM significa Advanced Power Mangement.

APT significa Advanced Plume Treatment.

APT significa Australasia Pacific Thrust.

APTR significa APpalachian TRail.

ARD significa Acid Rock Drainage.

ASF significa Alaska Satellite Facility.

ASOS significa Automated Seismological Observation System.

ASR significa Aquifer Storage and Recovery.

ASSS significa Along- Strike Seismic Structure.

AT significa All Terrain.