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Sigla del día: ABCP

African Blackwood Conservation Project

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1NF significa First Normal Form.

AAD significa Access to Archival Databases.

AAT significa Arc Attribute Table.

ABC significa Alphabetically Based Computerized.

ABT significa Analytical Base Table.

AC significa Additional Content.

ACB significa Application Control Block.

ACC significa Attribute Collection Context.

ACDC significa Accurate Coordinate Datasets Collection.

ACDS significa Appeals Centralized Database System.

ACID significa Automatic Consistency Integration Of Database.

ACID significa Atomic, Consistent, Independent, and Durable.

ACM significa Agglomeration Coarse Matrix.

ACMRU significa Auto Complete Most Recently Used.

ACPN significa Asymptotic Continuous Petri Net.

ACT significa Advanced Computer Technologies.

ADB significa Automatic Data Behandling.

ADDC significa Automatic Data Detection Control.

ADDE significa Abstract Data Distribution Environment.

ADDM significa Audit Data Delta Monitor.

ADDM significa Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor.

ADDM significa Affordable Distributed Data Mining.

ADF significa Arc Data Files.

ADF significa Advanced Data Format.

ADF significa Array Description File.

ADFT significa Adaptive Data Fusion Technology.

ADH significa Automatic Data Handling.

ADIT significa Another Database Interface Tool.

ADM significa Adaptive Data Manager.

ADMS significa Archived Data Management System.

ADMS significa Adaptive Database Management System.

ADN significa AFNI Dataset Name.

ADO significa Active Data Object.

ADODB significa Active Data Objects Data Base.

ADP significa Access Data Project.

ADP significa Active Data Page.

ADPSO significa Automatic Data Processing Security Officer.

ADSA significa Advanced Database Systems and Application.

ADW significa Active Data Warehousing.

AE significa Attribute Editor.

AED significa Add, Edit, and Delete.

AEO significa Annual Energy Outlook.

AF significa Antistropic Filtering.

AI significa Abstracting and Indexing.

AI significa Active Information.

AIDA significa Advanced Interface Database Application.

AIF significa Application Information File.

AIFF significa Apple Interchange File Format.

AIP significa Atari Info Pages.

AMI significa Alternate Mark Indexing.