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African Blackwood Conservation Project

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Siglas de la categoría Astronomía

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AAAD significa Amateur Astronomers Association of Delhi.

AAAM significa Active Amateur Astronomers of Maryland.

AAS significa American Astronautical Society.

AAS significa Archaeology, Astronautics, and Seti.

AAT significa Anglo Australian Telescope.

AAVSO significa American Association of Variable Star Observers.

ABB significa After the Big Bang.

ABBA significa ADC Backend For Bolometer Array.

ABF significa Astronomische Beeldverwerkings Faciliteiten.

AC significa Ascendant Cusp.

AC significa Active Coronae.

ACA significa Atacama Compact Array.

ACIT significa Automatic Comet Imaging Telescope.

ACRIM significa Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor.

ACS significa Advanced Camera for Surveys.

ACT significa Astrographic Catalog Tycho.

ACTS significa Advanced Communications Technology Satellite.

AD significa Astronomsko Drustvo.

ADAF significa Advection-Dominated Accretion Flow.

ADAS significa Asiago DLR Asteroid Survey.

ADS significa Astrophysics Data System.

ADU significa Astronomical Distance Unit.

AEA significa Atomic Energy Agency.

AEG significa Astro Event Group.

AESS significa Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers - Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society.

AET significa Accuracy Enhancing Technology.

AGN significa Active Galaxy Nucleus.

AH significa Asteroid Hunt.

ALAT significa Airborne Large Aperture Telescope.

ALFA significa A Laser For Astronomy.

ALIS significa Airborne Laser Isotope Spectrometer.

ALTS significa Astronomy Lunch Time Seminar.

AMSU significa Advanced Mass Spectrometry Unit.

AOA significa ASCA Online Arxiv.

AOSS significa AURA Observatory Support Services.

APOD significa Astronomy Picture Of the Day.

APT significa Astronomers Proposal Tools.

APT significa Automatic Photometric Telescope.

AQR significa Aquarius.

ARAA significa Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

ARGUS significa Astronomical Research Group Under Stars.

ASAS significa All Sky Automated Survey.

ASCH significa Alien Societies Culture And History.

ASLV significa Advanced Satellite Launch Vehicle.

AST significa Apparent Solar Time.

ASWG significa Astronomical Science Working Group.

ASWG significa ATST (Advanced Technology Solar Telescope) Science Working Group.

ATM significa Apollo Telescope Mount.

ATM significa Amateur Telescope Maker.

ATM significa Amateur Telescope Making.