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Sigla del día: ABCP

African Blackwood Conservation Project

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Siglas de la categoría Arquitectura

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AE significa Architect/Engineer.

AAA significa Alberta Association of Architects.

AACA significa Architects Accreditation Council of Australia.

AAD significa Application Architecture Design.

AAESDA significa Association of Architects, Engineers, Surveyors and Draughtsmen of Australian.

AALA significa Alberta Association of Landscape Architects.

AATO significa Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario.

ABCD significa Analysis of Building Climatic Data.

ABI significa At Bit Inclination.

ABRI significa Architecture and Building Research Institute.

ABTA significa Absolute Background Textures Archive.

ABWF significa Architectural Builders Works and Finishes.

ACAI significa Architecture Commune des Applications Informatiques.

ACB significa Active Chilled Beam.

ACE significa Amethyst Contrast Enhancer.

ACE significa Architecture Construction and Engineering.

ACE significa Artificial Compound Entity.

ACH significa Air Changes per Hour.

ACHP significa Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

ACMV significa Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation.

ACP significa Arched Concrete Pipe.

ACSA significa Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.

ACT significa Acoustical Ceiling Tile.

AD significa Artist Designer.

AD significa Architectural Digest.

ADA significa Architects and Designers Association.

ADAM significa Art Design, Architecture, and Media.

ADC significa Architecture Development and Construction.

ADDN significa Addition.

ADL significa Architecture Description Language.

ADM significa Atomic Demolition Munitions.

ADM significa Architecture Development Methodology.

ADTM significa Arc De Triumphe Model.

AE significa Advanced Estimate.

AEBC significa Anchorage Existing Buildings Code.

AEC significa Architecture, Engineering, and Construction.

AEC significa Architectural and Engineering Content.

AERC significa Architectural Education Resource Center.

AESR significa Architects and Engineers for Social Responsibility.

AF significa Aluminum Frame.

AFD significa Above Floor Drain.

AFE significa Advanced Flow Engineering.

AFF significa Above Finished Floor.

AFFL significa Above Finished Floor Level.

AGDO significa Automatic Gate Door Opener.

AHEAD significa Applied Heating, Electrical, And Decorative.

AHU significa Air Handling Unit.

AIA significa American Institute Of Architecture.

AIA significa American Institute of Architects.

AICD significa Architecture Interconnect Context Diagram.